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Repository Description Language
org.gepetto Geppetto Main Bundle and packaging Java
org.geppetto.solver.sph PCI SPH Solver bundle for Geppetto Python
org.geppetto.simulator.jlems jLEMS based simulator for Geppetto Java
org.geppetto.model.neuroml NeuroML Model Bundle for Geppetto Java
org.geppetto.core Geppetto core bundle Javascript
org.geppetto.frontend Geppetto frontend bundle - Web application Java
org.geppetto.testbackend Geppetto test backend for Geppetto Java
org.geppetto.simulator.sph SPH Simulator bundle for Geppetto Java
org.geppetto.simulation Generic simulation bundle for Geppetto Python
org.geppetto.model.sph PCI SPH Model Bundle for Geppetto CSS
org.geppetto.samples Sample simulations for Geppetto Python
org.geppetto.templatebundle Template bundle Javascript


Repository Description Language
Smoothed-Particle-Hydrodynamics Known as Sibernetic, this is a C++ implementation of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics algorithm for the OpenWorm project. C++
muscle_model model of c.elegans muscle in NEURON XSLT
CElegansNeuroML NeuroML based C elegans model, contained in a neuroConstruct project Java
Blender2NeuroML Conversion script to bring neuron models drawn in Blender into NeuroML format Python
NEURONSimData Graphing voltage data from NEURON sims of C. elegans conectome  


Repository Description Language OpenWorm Website Python
OpenWorm Project Home repo for OpenWorm Wiki and Project-wide issues Matlab
openworm_docs Documentation for OpenWorm  


Repository Description Language
movement_validation A test pipeline that allows us to run a behavioural phenotyping of our virtual worm running the same test statistics the Shafer lab used on their worm data. Java
ConfigurationGenerator Generation start scene configuration for PCI SPH solver JavaScript
data-viz Repository for scripts and other code items to create web-based visualizations of data in the project Python
SegWorm SegWorm is Matlab code from Dr. Eviatar Yemini built as part of the WormBehavior database ( Java
wormbrowser The Worm Browser – a 3D browser of the cellular anatomy of the c. elegans Objective-C
openwormbrowser-ios OpenWorm Browser for iOS, based on the open-3d-viewer, which was based on Google Body Browser C++
CyberElegans Neuromechanical model of C. Elegans C++