Our website has a list of the contributors to the OpenWorm project. Contributors who make regular contributions to the project are considered core members. This page explains the process by which a person becomes a contributor and how a contributor becomes a core member.

Privileges of core members

  • Core members can nominate contributors for core membership
    • Core members vote to approve new member nomination (majority wins)
  • Core members may vote on decisions during meetings

Qualify as core team

  • Qualify as contributor
  • Attend at least 4 hangouts over a period of 3 months
  • Hangouts can be the general or any other regular hangout conducting OpenWorm work
  • Have a GitHub account
  • Has been providing regular contributions for at least 3 months

Stay on core team

  • Core members can be removed if there is silence for two months

Qualify as a contributor

  • Add at least one meaningful contribution of code or data that fits into an OpenWorm goal into one of the OpenWorm repositories (GitHub, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.)


  • Add organizational support to the goals of OpenWorm

Stay on as contributor

  • Once you are a contributor, you are a contributor forever

Hangouts invite criteria

  • Everybody who is a contributor gains the privilege to join the hangouts so that they can gain core team membership if they want